2019-12-25 - Barbara Jorgensen

The Ins and Outs of the Supply Chain in 2019

In one year, the electronics supply chain saw a level of disruption that once took decades to achieve. The 1990s…

2017-07-24 - AVX

AVX adds sensor capability with TT Electronics buy

TT Electronics' TS&C unit designs, develops, manufactures and markets sensors for temperature, position and speed, targeting a broad range of…

2017-06-28 - EE Times Asia

4-terminal resistors offer 0.33W power ratings

The resistors' four-terminal Kelvin connection enables greater measurement accuracy with low resistance values from 0.01Ω to 0.1Ω and tolerance of…

2017-05-16 - EE Times Asia

1,200V SiC diodes achieve up to 40A current ratings

The automotive-grade diodes feature low forward voltage drop for optimal efficiency in electric vehicle applications, according to ST.

2017-04-07 - EE Times Asia

Bi-directional ESD diodes deliver below 12V clamping

The GiGuard Series ESD diodes offers nominal capacitance values spanning 17pF down to 0.3pF and reverse leakage current values below…

2017-03-22 - Vivek Nanda

AVX low-pass filters offer sharp rolloff for wireless apps

The LP Series filters offer low insertion loss and sharp roll-off for high frequency wireless applications, such as mobile comms,…

2017-03-08 - Linear Technology

Flyback regulator operates at 150°C in 100V VIN range

Linear Technology’s LT8304/-1 isolated flyback regulator generates up to 24W and produces 1kV output voltage in ±5% regulation result.

2017-01-31 - Toshiba

Power MOSFETs reduce on-resistance per area by 79%

Toshiba’s eight MOSFETs reduce on-resistance per area to house lower Ron chips in the same packages, thus minimising power supply…

2017-01-18 - Murata

3 terminal capacitor offers tighter automobile density

Murata’s NFM18HC 3 terminal multilayer ceramic capacitor measures only 1.6mm x 0.8mm for use in high reliability automobile applications.

2016-12-16 - None

AVX upgrades TCR capacitor lineup

AVX TCR series capacitors have been upgraded with new case sizes, capacitance values, voltage ratings, operating temperature and humidity ratings.