2017-11-23 - Alan Patterson, EE Times

Samsung Likely to Unseat Intel as Top Chip Vendor

Samsung, which has nearly half of the global DRAM market, is likely to crush smaller rivals after more than doubling…

2017-10-04 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

NAND Market Expected to Regain Balance in 2018

The NAND flash market is expected to move into better equilibrium in 2018 as the production of NAND ramps up…

2017-09-27 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Western Digital Still Hopes to Block Toshiba Chip Sale

Western Digital still believes it can block the sale of Toshiba's chip unit to a consortium led by Bain Capital…

2017-07-12 - Gary Hilson

Memory demand boosts Micron’s sales

Favourable pricings for DRAM and NAND have bolstered Micron's market performance.

2017-07-04 - Toshiba

Toshiba unveils 1.5TB QLC 3D Flash

Toshiba has claimed the first 1.5TB QLC 3D Flash memory. The prototype uses a die with a capacity of 768Gb…

- Gary Hilson

Embedded MRAM moves into 22nm node

eMRAM has the ability to retain data through solder reflow at 260°C, and for more than 10 years at 125°C,…

2017-03-13 - Dylan McGrath

nvNITRO operates at 1.5M IOPS with 6μs latency

Initial applications for nvNITRO accelerators include “anywhere you need very fast write speeds coupled with very low latency,” according to…

- Dylan McGrath

Everspin’s nvNITRO targets evolving MRAM market

Initial nvNITRO accelerators will be available in capacities of a 1GB and 2GB, based on Everspin’s 256Mb DDR3 ST-MRAM.

2017-02-28 - Toshiba

Flash memory adopts 3b-per-cell TLC tech

Toshiba’s 64-layer device with 3b-per-cell TLC BiCS Flash Device bundles 1TB 3D flash memory capacity and performance.

2016-09-05 - Peter Clarke

WD picks 3D-stacked ReRAM for storage class memory

Western Digital plans to release storage-class memory products based on 3D ReRAM within a couple of years.