2020-03-19 - Nitin Dahad

OFC 2020: The Future of Silicon Photonics and Optics

OFC 2020 went ahead with a combo of live and virtual events to explore the future of optics and silicon…

2017-07-17 - EE Times Asia

Samsung takes over movies with HDR cinema LED screen

Stretching nearly 10.3m wide in size, Samsung's LED screen features 4K resolution (4,096 x 2,160) and peak brightness levels (146fL).

2017-07-10 - Laser Components

FlexPoint laser modules get upgraded focusing mechanism

The new focusing mechanism allows stable beam positioning and low line positioning drift in machine vision, and offers focusing options…

2017-06-22 - Samsung Electronics

Samsung rolls out 220lm/W LED package

The LM301B incorporates a flip-chip design and phosphor technology that Samsung says enables a 10% increase in overall efficacy.

2017-05-25 - Vivek Nanda

UV curing systems market to reach $8.2B by 2021

Global UV curing systems market is expected to reach $8,206 million by 2021, growing at a CAGR of about 15%.

2017-04-28 - EE Times Asia

Compact LEDs deliver 14cd luminous intensity

Featuring the ultrabright AllnGaP on Si chip technology, the VLD.1535 series offers an emission angle of ±22° without the need…

2017-04-26 - Vivek Nanda

Cree, San’an JV targets mid-power lighting

The JV helps Cree expand from the high-power product segment into mid-power lighting class LED packaged products with initial product…

2017-03-06 - Rick Merritt

EUV lithography scanner aims to produce 104 wafers/h

The ASML NXE:3400B EUV lithography scanner runs at 148W to produce 104 wafers/h, capable of creating overlays within a 3nm…

- Rick Merritt

Manufacturers pick EUV combos

Co-optimisation tools are now becoming mainstream to help translate between different worlds of chip designers and lithographers.

- Rick Merritt

Review system inspects mask at EUV level

Inspections of up to 14nm mask defects or a detector supporting 2,000Hz frame rate are just two uphill tests to…