Samsung rolls out 220lm/W LED package

Article By : Samsung Electronics

The LM301B incorporates a flip-chip design and phosphor technology that Samsung says enables a 10% increase in overall efficacy.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has begun mass production of the LM301B, a mid-power LED package that features a luminous efficacy of 220 lumens per watt (lm/W). The package is designed for LED applications such as ambient lighting, downlights and most retrofit lamps.

Samsung achieved the 220lm/W luminous efficacy (@ 65mA, 5000K, CRI 80+) by incorporating a flip-chip package design and phosphor technology. According to Samsung, the LM301B’s flip-chip design uses a highly reflective layer-formation technology to enhance light efficacy at the chip level. Also, a complete separation between its red phosphor film and green phosphors allows minimal interference during the phosphor conversion process, resulting in higher efficacy. These combined technology enhancements enable a 10% increase in overall efficacy compared to competing 3030 platform packages, Samsung said.

The LM301B is sampling now.

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