2019-05-16 - Dylan McGrath

Samsung Races Ahead with Gate-All-Around Technology

Headstart over TSMC could give Samsung a leg-up in the post-FinFET era

2019-04-17 - Rick Merritt

Samsung Ready to Launch 5nm EUV

Samsung is starting to make chips in a 5nm EUV process, but gains are less impressive than past foundry nodes

2019-03-11 - Dylan McGrath

Intel to Leapfrog Samsung as Top Chipseller

The memory chip boom is over. And so, too, is Samsung's time as the leading supplier of semiconductors by sales,…

2019-03-08 - Dylan McGrath

Samsung Starts Shipping 28nm Embedded MRAM

Samsung announced commercial production of its first embedded MRAM (eMRAM) product based on its 28nm FD-SOI process.

2019-03-05 - Gary Hilson

1 TB Memories to Boost Smartphones

Consumers looking to store more 4K videos of their cats are in luck. Samsung Electronics recently began mass-producing one terabyte…

2019-03-01 - Dylan McGrath

Samsung Announces First 512GB Embedded UFS

Samsung Electronics said it has begun mass production of the first 512GB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) device.

2019-02-15 - Gartner

Four Chinese OEMs Among the Top 10 Global Semiconductor Customers

The big Chinese smartphone OEMs, in particular, have increased their market domination by taking out or purchasing competitors.

2018-11-29 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Samsung Strengthens Number One Sales Position

IC Insights estimates Samsung will outsell Intel by 19 percent

2018-11-09 - Rick Merritt

Foldable Samsung Displays Soon on Market

Foldable tech set to finally become reality

2018-11-02 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Samsung Warns of Slow Growth Ahead

But is unrelenting in semiconductor capital expenditure