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EMI analysis on power supply design

A noisy power supply emits noise through capacitive coupling, inductive stored energy, large current loops, galvanic coupling and common mode radiation. These noises if coupled through the power plane as ripple will flow to different chipsets on the board and affects the performance. In addition, the switch mode power supply today uses fast switching […]


Maxim NanoPower technology Overview

With the increasing evolution of high performance, long operational life time battery powered equipment in various domains such as medical, wellness,Communication, automation, the power consumption both in active and in standby modes becomes critical and requires specific approaches and techniques both in design and in technologies. Maxim put their skills and resources to address the […]


Chroma EV Battey Test Solutions

By 2040, electric vehicles will account for 33% of all vehicle sales. Battery life and safety are key technical indicators for EV development. Chroma has developed the battery test system with high precision, high efficiency and energy saving, which is the best solution for battery reliability testing. Read more information to download the white paper: […]


Review of existing Fit Family general market products and introduction of new products and configurations

Review of the range of options available across our Fit Families, a good deal of which are brand new, and the capabilities they can offer. Also introduce new product families. These product lines were developed to further round out our broader product portfolio and enable more customers access to the quality and service Molex offers. […]


Auxiliary Power Supply Solution – Infineon 5th Generation CoolSET™

Infineon CoolSET™ is targeted for SMPS applications such as auxiliary power supply for home appliances (e.g. washing machines, refrigerators and air-condition), set-top-boxes, LCD/LED monitors and general purpose power supply. The latest 5th generation CoolSET™ offer high performance with the integration of latest 700V and 800V CoolMOS™ P7 power MOSFET family in both DIP-7 and DSO-12 […]


Enhancing system robustness with Maxim power protection solutions

The video highlights first what are protection in electronic devices, why protection is a must, then a description of what are the challenges for engineers in designing protection circuits and on the last part, what can be put in place to have a robust system protection with solutions including discrete components and modern ICs integrating […]


Putting Safety Features into Battery Management Systems

In modern Battery Management Systems, a large variety of safety features must be included to provide a safe operation. Renesas’ Li-ion battery pack monitoring, protection and balancing ICs are specifically designed to meet the stringent safety, reliability, and performance requirements of portable and battery powered applications such as consumer, industrial, and medical products. During this […]


LITIX™ Automotive LED Driver

LITIX™ is the new brand for the Automotive LED Driver of Infineon. Its consist of 4 family • LITIX™ Linear • LITIX™ Basic • LITIX™ Power • LITIX™ Power Flex. With LITIX™ Infineon emphasizes that its semiconductor and automotive lighting core competences. The different LITIX™ families play the key role in various Automotive lighting application. […]