2019-07-08 - Maxim Integrated

Bi-directional Current Sense Amplifier Offers Industry’s Highest Accuracy

MAX40056 provides 0.3 percent accurate, full-scale direct winding current measurement, over 4 times faster than competition

2019-04-08 - Maxim Integrated

Compact 4-Channel Automotive Power Management IC for Vehicle Camera Modules

MAX20049 provides the industry’s most efficient power supply along with the flexibility and fault mitigation needed for automotive camera modules

2019-03-26 - Maxim

Industry’s First Highly Integrated USB-C Buck Charger

MAX77860 reduces complexity and simplifies software development

2018-12-12 - Maxim Integrated

Maxim’s SIMO PMICs Shrink IoT Power Regulator Size in Half

Innovative single-inductor, multiple-output power-management architecture eliminates multiple inductors for compact, high-performance applications

2018-11-08 - Maxim Integrated

Maxim Announces Small, Efficient RS-485 Module for Industry 4.0

MAXM22511 isolated RS-485 module transceiver with power doubles efficiency in 35 percent smaller package versus competitive solutions

2018-10-25 - Maxim Integrated

Maxim Unveils Industry’s First Authenticator IC with SHA3-25

DS28E50 with ChipDNA™ PUF technology authenticates peripherals, prevents counterfeiting and unauthorized use for embedded designers with little or no cryptography…

2018-10-18 - Maxim Integrated

Maxim’s LED Matrix Manager Empowers High-Density Automotive Matrix and Pixel Lighting

MAX20092 offers industry’s lowest on-resistance internal switches and reduces thermal issues, complexity and design cost

2018-10-05 - Maxim Integrated

Maxim Unveils Health Sensor Platform 2.0

Wearable Health Sensor Platform 2.0 saves up to six months of design time, monitors ECG, heartrate and temperature

2018-08-02 - Maxim Integrated

Maxim High-Performance PMICs: Powering Next-Generation Consumer Applications

MAX77714 and MAX77752 deliver total power management for deep-learning SoCs, FPGAs and multimedia application processors at ultra-low power

2018-05-16 - Maxim Integrated

Maxim’s Digital Class D Speaker Amplifiers

MAX98357 and MAX98358, ideal for a wide variety of applications, provide Class AB audio performance with Class D efficiency for…