Power MOSFETs reduce on-resistance per area by 79%

Article By : Toshiba

Toshiba’s eight MOSFETs reduce on-resistance per area to house lower Ron chips in the same packages, thus minimising power supply size.

Toshiba’s Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions has launched eight 800V super junction N-channel power MOSFETs for use in high efficiency power supplies with low on-resistance and high speed switching.

The eight MOSFETs within the “DTMOS IV series” feature super junction structure to achieve approximately 79% reduction in on-resistance per area (RON x A) compared to Toshiba’s previous “DTMOS VIII series.” A reduction in Ron x A makes it possible to house lower Ron chips in the same packages. This helps to improve the efficiency and reduce the size of power supplies.

It is also capable of high speed switching that can contribute to the efficiency of the power supplies. Thus, these MOSFETs are suited for use in industrial power supplies, standby power supply for servers, adaptors and chargers of notebook PCs and mobile devices, and in power supplies for LED lighting.

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