2018-09-07 - Bolaji Ojo

What Does the Future hold for Apple?

With no Jobs around to create instant success stories, what can Apple do?

2018-08-30 - Paul Boldt

A Look at Apple’s Vertical Integration

A big read on how custom hardware works for the trillion dollar company

2018-08-29 - Peter Burrows

Apple’s Trillion-Dollar Ascent

Peter Burrows delivers a comprehensive look back at the actions that brought Apple to the trillion dollar mark

2018-08-24 - Alan Patterson

TSMC to Continue as Sole Apple Supplier

Apple taking a risk by putting all the eggs in one basket for the next two years

2018-08-24 - Rick Merritt

Apple/Qualcomm Disputes: No End In Sight

Codependence set to continue for the time being

2018-06-22 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

China Dominates in Cheap Smartphones

Samsung and Apple account for a third of the entire market and a large chunk of the higher end, but…

2018-06-20 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Apple Told iPhones Would Be Tariff-Exempt

Trump administration and Apple CEO Cook looking to avoid a 25 percent tariff on finished electronic goods

2018-05-31 - Jonas Klar, EE Times Asia

Smartphones Sales on Song Yet Again

Sales on the rise once more, Xiaomi assuming a meteoric trajectory

2018-04-04 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Intel Set to Lose Out on Apple Business

Apple looks primed to develop its own Arm-based CPUs for its computers, Intel modem business also hanging in the balance

2018-03-01 - Alan Patterson

Smartphone Market to Rebound – IDC

iOS set for stronger 2018 growth than Android, whose volumes were flat in 2017, say IDC