2017-09-13 - Dylan McGrath

iPhone X Packs Upgrades—at a Price

Apple's new flagship smartphone offers facial recognition authentication, wireless charging, optimizations for augmented reality and more... but costs $999 and…

2017-09-12 - Rick Merritt, SiliconValley Bureau Chief

Funny Money is an Old Tech Joke

Strange transactions among some tech giants are getting a little less scrutiny than I would like.

2017-09-11 - Alan Patterson

Huawei Tops Apple in Smartphones, Analyst Says

Huawei has surpassed Apple for the first time in global smartphone sales to become the new number two, a Hong…

2017-09-07 - Junko Yoshida

Apple vs Qualcomm: Who Extorted Whom?

A dispute between Apple and Qualcomm is multi-layered, its facets all loosely connected. Among the more under-reported issues is the…

2017-06-27 - Dylan McGrath

Ditched by Apple, Imagination is now for sale

Analysts believe that putting the company up for sale makes sense but without Apple, Imagination's value has significantly dropped.

2017-05-12 - Dylan McGrath

Qualcomm gearing up to take top MCU vendor spot

Qualcomm claiming the microcontroller lead next year shows how the industry's unprecedented level of large-scale consolidation is reshaping vendor ranking…

2017-04-21 - Mary E. Shacklett

5 key lessons from Apple-Imagination GPU dispute

Apple and Imagination Technologies Group are on the verge of an unhappy parting of the ways.

2017-04-18 - Rick Merritt

Why foundries need clear, public benchmarks

Over the last few years, the industry has embraced the idea of measuring a process node by PPA—performance, power and…

2017-02-24 - TrendForce

iPhone production to hit 230 million units in 2017

The production volume of the next iPhone is estimated to reach at least 100 million units, of which the model…

2017-02-16 - Junko Yoshida

Xiaomi taps ex-Leadcore team to design SoC

Xiaomi’s new SoC, based on eight ARM A53 cores, is capable of LTE Cat 6.