2019-06-27 - Alan Patterson

Terry Gou Resigns, Sets Eyes on Taiwan’s Presidency

Terry Gou has resigned as chairman of the world's biggest electronics manufacturer to stand for election as the president of…

2019-05-20 - Matthew Burgess

Trade War Could Have a Big Impact on Apple

Things are set to get worse for Apple unless their loses are curtailed by Governmental aid, according to TrendForce

2019-05-03 - Rick Merritt

Q’comm to Receive $4.5B Windfall

Burying the hatchet with Intel will result in a near-doubling of revenue in Q3, despite continuing weakness in smartphones, especially…

2019-04-18 - Rick Merritt

Tech Giants to Keep Their Secrets

The tech industry talks about the values of openness and collaboration, but it thrives on secrecy and self-interest, as the…

2019-04-17 - Rick Merritt

Apple vs Q’comm: All Litigation Dropped

Apple and Qualcomm settled their multi-billion-dollar patent licensing disputes in a sketchy deal that leaves many questions unanswered

2019-04-05 - Fred Molinari

Blog: Will it Ever End?

Qualcomm may have won the latest round, but the fight is far from over. You'll need a lot more popcorn…

2019-03-20 - Dylan McGrath

Qualcomm Defeats Apple in U.S. Federal Court

A U.S. federal court found that several iPhone models infringe on patents held by Qualcomm, a major setback for Apple…

2019-02-15 - Gartner

Four Chinese OEMs Among the Top 10 Global Semiconductor Customers

The big Chinese smartphone OEMs, in particular, have increased their market domination by taking out or purchasing competitors.

2019-02-12 - Rick Merritt

Rift Between Apple and Qualcomm Widens

Apple wants engineers with cellular modem expertise in Qualcomm's backyard of San Diego as the two ramp up their battle…

2019-01-17 - Rick Merritt

Qualcomm Defends Licensing in FTC Trial

The U.S. FTC questioned more than half a dozen patent-licensing incidents at Qualcomm as it closed its antitrust case. Co-founder…