2019-11-29 - John Walko

WRC-19 Congress Sees Industry Positive on Outcomes

The World Radiocommunications Conference addressed the disjointed nature of 5G spectrum allocations around the world, among other thorny problems.

2019-11-28 - Alan Patterson

MediaTek Announce 5G Modem Alliance with Intel

Competing with Qualcomm and Huawei, MediaTek introduces the first 5G smartphone chip to support dual SIM cards.

2019-11-18 - Alan Patterson

Mediatek, Amazon Aim to Corner the Home Automation Market

Amazon is betting that TVs will end up being home automation hubs, and MediaTek expects to help Amazon realize that…

2019-11-12 - Brian Santo

Aart de Geus Calls on Engineers to Play Their Part

Live from the Global CEO Summit: 5G, IoT, and other trends will be transformative - for good or ill. High-tech…

2019-10-31 - Nitin Dahad

Huawei Coup After UK Decisions on Arm and 5G

Armv8-A is UK IP, so OK for Huawei. Also, UK's PM is set to allow Huawei into 5G networks.

2019-10-29 - Barbara Jorgensen

Xilinx Envisions its Future Without Huawei

With appeals to keep shipping to one of its largest customers denied, Xilinx is going to have to just cope…

2019-10-29 - Junko Yoshida

The DSRC vs 5G Debate Continues

DSRC-based V2X is ready now; 5G V2X is not. Will VW's decision to put NXP's DSRC chip in its popular…

2019-10-21 - Alan Patterson

5G Demand Boosts Capital Expenditures for TSMC

TSMC reports soaring demand for its 7 nm line, due to worldwide development of 5G and accelerated demand from HPC,…

2019-10-09 - Brian Santo

Qorvo Acquires Cavendish Kinetics

The RF IC specialist already had a significant investment in the RF MEMS antenna startup.

2019-10-03 - Prakash Sangam

Blog: Qualcomm’s Innovation Drives 5G

Extraordinary innovations that are enabling 5G are built on a continuum of technological achievements in wireless networking, which the company…