2017-06-21 - Paula Doe

Increased cloud traffic drives demand for new tech

Cloud providers are building out their own networks to maintain performance, creating a boom in demand for long-haul modules.

2017-04-20 - EE Times Asia

NI, AT&T team up on mmWave channel sounder for 5G

Porcupine uniquely captures channel measurements where all the data is acquired and processed in real time, according to AT&T.

2017-04-20 - EE Times Asia

28GHz antenna, RF module target massive MIMO

The massive-element antenna and RF module has wideband high-frequency circuitry to communicate with 800MHz bandwidth.

2017-01-13 - Maximilian Teodorescu

Qualcomm heralds 5G as messiah of mobile connectivity

5G goes well beyond the ability to wirelessly download full-length 4K films in 20 seconds or less, affecting entire industries,…

2016-06-21 - Larry Desjardin

Exploring the virtual reality of 5G (Part 2)

Know the test and measurement equipment now available for 5G.

2016-06-20 - Larry Desjardin

Exploring the virtual reality of 5G (Part 1)

Here's a look at the drivers and application behind 5G mmWave communications.