2018-12-13 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Intel Demonstrates 3D Packaging Technology Foveros

Two decades of research culminates in 3D stacking of high-performance chips

2018-12-10 - Rick Merritt

Qualcomm Preps New Snapdragon Assault

Two high-end SoCs announced, built on 7nm

2018-11-22 - Rick Merritt

Pros and Cons with 7nm Processors

AMD's 7nm presentation raised hopes, but software issues and production costs are still worries

2018-11-08 - Rick Merritt

AMD Makes 7nm Splash

Set to bring new, shrunk EPYC and Vega CPUs and GPUs to market ahead of Intel and NVIDIA

2018-11-06 - Rick Merritt

Datacenter Processing Next for ARM

Smart offload processors a stepping stone to bigger things

2018-10-30 - Gary Hilson

Quantum Computing Not Always Better

IBM explains what's what in the world of quantum computing

2018-10-29 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Intel Making Progress on 10nm

All is not lost, despite almost comical delays: 10nm chips on target for end of 2019

2018-10-24 - Rick Merritt

Startup Atmosic Develops Ultra-Low Power Bluetooth Chip

Aiming to capitalize on a market due to more than double until 2021

2018-10-23 - Nitin Dahad, EE Times

Low-Cost Cortex-A5 Initiative Presented by ARM

Offers CPR for the IoT market

2018-10-17 - Rick Merritt

ARM Aims for the Cloud

New roadmap reveals infrastructure cores