2020-02-14 - Luffy Liu

China’s Tech Companies Start Production of Face Masks

Wuhan’s 9 million residents could use as many as 20 million masks a day. Companies of all types are scrambling…

2020-02-13 - Brian Santo

MWC 2020 Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Concerns

GSMA is not even going to try to postpone. The organization is already looking ahead to Mobile World Congress 2021.

2020-02-12 - Brian Santo

Amazon, Nvidia & Others Pull Out of MWC

Coronavirus updates: Major companies are opting out of Mobile World Congress, while the death toll surpasses that of the SARS…

2020-02-11 - Clover Lee

Wuhan: Who’s Been Impacted?

The lockdown in Wuhan is affecting a whole host of local high-tech companies. They range from manufacturers of display panels,…

2020-02-11 - George Leopold

Coronavirus Highlights West’s Frailty

How will western economies respond to mitigate the risks inherent on relying on a single manufacturing source?

2020-02-10 - Barbara Jorgensen

Supply Chain Resilience Tested by Coronavirus

Standing still is not an option for an industry renowned for innovation. Companies can still take steps to mitigate the…

2020-02-05 - Brian Santo

Coronavirus Outbreak Causes Event Cancellations Across Asia

As concerns about the latest coronavirus escalate, events are getting delayed or canceled, at no small cost. Semi has put…

2020-02-04 - Barbara Jorgensen

China Maintains Chip Output in Wake of Virus Outbreak

It’s hard to square the “all is well” stance in China’s chip sector with reports from other markets. The outbreak…

2020-01-03 - Steve Gu

HiSilicon No Longer Just an Internal Unit for Huawei

HiSilicon launched 4G communication chips on an open market, making it official that Huawei’s internal IC division is now externally…

2019-12-17 - Barbara Jorgensen

New Agreement Eases Trade Tensions

With on-again / off-again tariffs, the blacklisting of Huawei, and the hardest negotiations still ahead, the holiday joy is tentative…