2018-08-09 - Jonas Klar, EE Times Asia

TSMC Elaborates on Virus Incident

WannaCry virus causes delays in third quarter shipments

2018-07-19 - Nitin Dahad, EE Times

50 EUV Systems Set to be Shipped by ASML by 2019

On track to ship 20 EUV systems in 2018, as well as at least 30 more in 2019

2018-07-12 - Sufia Tippu

Samsung Sets Up World’s Largest Smartphone Plant

Noida, India, site of 120 million units/year plant, inaugurated by Indian Prime Minister Modi

2018-07-11 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Semicon: Chip Equipment Providers Big Winners

"There's one person that always wins in a war, and it's the arms dealer"

2018-05-29 - Rick Merritt

EUV Nears Fabs

List of EUV related concerns shrinking rapidly as industry collectively pushes onward

2018-05-24 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

3nm in Samsung Plans for 2021

Outlines future roadmap, starting with 7nm EUV during second half of 2017

2018-05-21 - Nitin Dahad, EE Times

Infineon to Open New Villach Fab

Invests $1.9 billion over six years in new 300mm capabilities

2018-05-04 - Nitin Dahad, EE Times

Graphene Commercialization Effort Gets Funding

A University of Cambridge spinout aims to enable commercial production of graphene IP

2018-05-03 - Rick Merritt

TSMC Ready for EUV on 7, 5nm

TSMC roadmap reveals 7 and 5nm with EUV, projecting 12 million wafers produced in 2018

2018-04-30 - Jonas Klar, EE Times Asia

Porex Expands SEA Operations, Talks Semicon Filtration Applications

Porous plastics player's presence boosted with new Kuala Lumpur offices and new production lines