2018-05-17 - Rick Merritt

Startup Mythic Working on Low-Power Inference Processor

Aims to map neural networks into NOR memory arrays

2018-05-09 - Rick Merritt

Google Delves Deeper Into Machine Learning with TPU 3.0

TPU 3.0 center of attention as Google unveils a list of new projects enabled by deep learning, including driver-less cars…

2018-05-02 - Rick Merritt

In-Memory Processing Making AI-Fueled Comeback

In-memory computing could propel new AI accelerators to be 10,000 faster than today's GPUs

2018-04-20 - Rick Merritt

A Peek Inside Lab126

Amazon invites journalists to its client hardware division, talks voice interfaces

2018-04-19 - Rick Merritt

Horizon Robotics Adds AI to Camera

Startup company aiming to support China's rise to the top in AI has received more than $100 million in funding

2018-04-17 - Nitin Dahad, EE Times

AI and Ethics

As the hype train abandons IoT and sets its sights on AI, Nitin Dahad ponders whether we have cause for…

2018-04-10 - Rick Merritt

AI Chip Market Competition Intensifies

Arm sees stiff competition in the AI field with Apple, Samsung, Cadence and Intel scrambling for market shares

2018-04-05 - Junko Yoshida, EE Times

Leo Li Takes on CEO Post at Imagination

AI and neural networks uniting Li, Imagination and China.

2018-03-16 - Junko Yoshida, EE Times

Eta Demos “Industry’s first neuromorphic platform.”

Very low-power Arm chips with machine intelligence meets creative marketing terms

2018-03-09 - Junko Yoshida, EE Times

MIPS Handed Lifeline by Wave Computing

Wave Computing, among others, pledging to use MIPS' 64-bit multi-threaded cores in AI processors