2020-03-26 - Fendy Wang

Covid-19: Closures in Southeast Asia Bring New Challenges

Our colleagues in China, Taiwan and other regions in Southeast Asia continue to report, from the ground, on the coronavirus's…

2020-02-05 - Brian Santo

Coronavirus Outbreak Causes Event Cancellations Across Asia

As concerns about the latest coronavirus escalate, events are getting delayed or canceled, at no small cost. Semi has put…

2019-06-20 - Sam Bowman

Blog: Why Engineers Should Pursue Careers in Asia

Here’s what you need to know about working in Asia and why it’s an avenue that you should pursue in…

2019-06-18 - Susan Hong & Matthew Burgess

Distribution Networks: The Go-To-Market Strategy

Multinational Corporations (MNCs) normally have the ambition to enter emerging markets, but how to start? Should they establish a direct…

2019-06-14 - Matthew Burgess

Fostering Talent in Southeast Asia

Hoping to pre-empt the talent shortfall, test & measurement companies are going to the frontlines to support Southeast Asia's next…

2019-05-24 - Matthew Burgess

Next Generation of Engineers Driving Vietnam’s Tech Boom

With the fast-growing tech industry and a young, educated workforce, Vietnam is emerging as an innovation and tech hub of…

2017-08-08 - TrendForce

China’s fab dream faces ‘enormous’ financial risk

The new fab projects will carry high depreciation costs, while the aggressive recruitment efforts by semiconductor manufacturers will raise the…

2017-08-02 - EE Times Asia

Japan forms alliance to promote IoT in factories

The alliance seeks to contribute to the standardisation of technology to stabilise various wireless systems with coordination control and promote…

2017-07-28 - JA Solar

JA Solar supplies Malaysia’s Sabah solar plant

The utility-scale solar project in Sabah, Malaysia is expected to resolve the power shortage problem in the state.

2017-07-25 - EE Times Asia

Mitsubishi to produce electric cars in Vietnam

Electric cars are suitable for the Vietnamese market and will contribute to the country's environmental protection efforts, according to CEO…