2016-06-09 - None

Latest SDSoC accelerates C/C++ based programming

Xilinx extends SDSoC development environment that enables software-defined programming of the 16nm Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC.

2016-06-07 - Benabadji Noureddine

MCU performs as voltmeter

Here's how you can employ PIC microcontroller and FETs to enable a four-digit voltmeter.

2016-06-06 - Charles Small

MCU offers inexpensive analogue-to-digital conversion

This versatile conversion circuit detects and displays signal's peak value. It offers a low-cost analogue-to-digital conversion and a three-digit, seven-segment…

- Naveen Narang, Venkata Krishna

ASIC/SoC designs: Custom corner characterisation

Characterisation tools these days offer a good solution for extracting the best performance out of an ASIC/SoC for any specified…

2016-06-02 - Imperas

OVP Fast Processor Model aimed at Renesas RL78 CPU

The RL78 model, developed by eSOL TRINITY, Imperas’ partner in Japan, provides technical support for Imperas customers as well as…

2016-05-26 - Jay Thomas

Basics of software standards compliance (Part 7)

In this instalment, we will look at some examples of the documentation produced during the development lifecycle for safety-critical software.