Strategy Analytics: Understand how Arm geared up in IoT Indurstry, to be the pioneer of the industry

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One of the major IoT adoption challenges is the cost, simplicity, and security of implementing devices at scale. While the industry has moved forward in offering device and connectivity platforms that simplify the effective monitoring and management of thousands of devices, it is clear that much deeper cross-industry partnerships are still required in order to significantly reduce the complexity and costs faced by organizations when implementing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

This report assesses Arm’s IoT platform strategy, how the Pelion IoT Platform was built, the acquisitions and partnerships that have been established by Arm and what merits the partnership with Vodafone, in particular, will bring in order to help Arm realize its IoT ambitions.

Download the report to understand the challenges as well as the way to work with different partners such as Intel, Vodafone, and China Unicom.

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