EMI analysis on power supply design



A noisy power supply emits noise through capacitive coupling, inductive stored energy, large current loops, galvanic coupling and common mode radiation. These noises if coupled through the power plane as ripple will flow to different chipsets on the board and affects the performance.
In addition, the switch mode power supply today uses fast switching technology through GaN/SiC which increases the challenges for EMC because the faster the switching, the more harmonics will be introduced.

This webinar aims to help you understand the need of EMI debugging during design stage. You will witness a demo on EMI analysis with different filter components for the buck converter (switch mode power supply). Some key highlights:-
• CISPR standards.
• Compliance vs pre-compliance vs EMI debugging
• EMI debugging case studies – optimizing GaN/ SiC switching, power supply design compliance
• Demo with filter design kit simulating different component insertion loss to reduce specific emission on the buck converter


• Wong Chun Soong-Oscilloscope Product Manager
Mr Wong Chun Soong is currently the Product Manager for R&S Oscilloscope Division in Asia and had been working in Rohde & Schwarz for the past 7 years. Before joining Rohde & Schwarz, he was with Intel working on platform design and developing test methodology for USB, DDR, HDMI and display port.

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