2019-08-05 - Nitin Dahad

FiRa Consortium Aims to Drive Interoperability

FiRa Consortium looks to drive interoperable ecosystem standards for an evolved ultra-wideband (UWB) technology in fine ranging applications.

2019-04-08 - Matthew Burgess

HaLow Comes to Market

While we’ve been focused on our need for ‘beefy speeds’ to enable our Netflix bingefests, the rise of IoT has…

2019-03-27 - Mouser Electronics

Qorvo QPF4528 Front End Module for Enterprise Wi-Fi 6 Systems

Designed for Internet of Things (IoT) systems based on Wi-Fi® 6, the 5 GHz FEM offers a compact form factor…

2019-02-25 - Rick Merritt

FCC Challenges Engineers to Innovate the +95GHz Bands

If the FCC can open up larger swaths of spectrum at 900 MHz, it “will unleash 5G-style capabilities and data…

2019-01-04 - Rick Merritt

Riding the IoT Wave with Wi-Fi HaLow

A handful of startups are prepping chips for the 900-MHz version of 802.11, initially targeting long-range links especially for the…

2017-11-28 - Allen Henley, Litepoint

Bluetooth 5: More speeds, more range, new RF tests

Bluetooth keeps evolving as new applications for the wireless technology arise. Bluetooth 5 adds features that will appeal to designers…