2020-04-01 - Giovanni Di Maria

Covid-19: Designs for Low-Cost Ventilators

Designers from all over the world are working to design and build special low-cost ventilators in no time to fight…

2020-02-24 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

The Role of Open-Source Hardware in the Modern Era

Arduino Uno arrived in 2005. Many things have changed since then, but the best way to know Arduino is to…

2019-12-31 - John Walko

Blog: Are Telcos Ready for Openness?

Not surprisingly, operators have latched onto the potential of a more open setup, both from the point of view of…

2019-10-18 - Kevin Krewell

Arm Opens Instruction Set Architecture

After decades, Arm has finally decided to allow licensees to build their own custom instructions, which are often useful to…

2019-06-19 - Nitin Dahad

RISC-V: Not Just an Academic Project

The recent RISC-V Workshop in Zurich gave us a glimpse of where we are in its evolution

2019-06-04 - Demi Xia,

Huawei has a Contingency Plan

Google ceasing to license Android will have little impact on Huawei's domestic business, but it will affect its phone users…

2019-05-13 - Ann R. Thryft

AI Industry in Dire Need of Debiasing Tools

The issue of fairness didn't really come up until AIs started getting deployed, which despite a long history of development…

2019-04-01 - Rick Merritt

Open Source Initiative Outlines Interfaces and Issues

A group of mainly small- and medium-sized vendors took its first steps toward building a standard for semiconductors assembled from…

2019-02-13 - Nitin Dahad

Decentralised IoT Network Gets Tencent Investment

Wienke Giezeman, founder of The Things Industries, announced several breakthroughs that could tip the balance for mass deployment of LoRaWAN…

2017-09-16 - R. Colin Johnson

Sea-to-Air Drone Goes Stealth

With a stealth-inspired delta wing to maximize buoyant lift, Johns Hopkins APL's Flying Fish drone transitions directly from underwater propulsion…