2020-02-19 - Junko Yoshida

Car to Cloud: Vehicles Are Getting Connected

Auto makers are adding functions that all depend on connectivity. Plenty of companies also offer car-to-cloud platforms. Bear in mind,…

2019-12-16 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

Xiaomi to Use Fingerprints’ Side-mounted Sensor

First to develop fingerprint touch sensors on Android, Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints) announces slim side-mounted fingerprint sensors for borderless and…

2019-11-28 - Junko Yoshida

Is ADAS to AV a Natural Progression?

Daimler is backing off its robotaxi work, exposing a harsh realization: driver-assist technology does not lead directly to autonomous driving.

2019-10-17 - Junko Yoshida

Consortium to Set APIs for AV Hardware

Bosch, Continental, Denso, GM, Nvidia, NXP, and Toyota declared their support for the new consortium.

2019-10-01 - Junko Yoshida

VW Shows Suppliers the Door

VW reportedly told its suppliers: we only need half of you. What changes are on the way and where must…

2019-09-17 - Colin Barnden

Blog: Winter Is Coming for Car OEMs

At this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, a new trend has emerged: A transition from C.A.S.E. (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) to…

2019-08-27 - Matthew Burgess

5G, the Cornerstone in a ‘Connected World’

5G has the promise to create a truly connected world but we must tread lightly.

2019-07-17 - Junko Yoshida

Big OEMs Partnering for AV

The VW-Ford alliance is another instance of carmakers scrambling to adapt to the AV market being pushed out to 2030.…

2019-07-10 - Rick Merritt

Cisco Looks to Acquire Acacia Communications

Cisco aims to expand its optical module business at a time when fast networks are transitioning from systems to components.

2019-06-28 - Colin Barnden

It’s Better if you Forget about L3-L5 Autonomy

Let's apply the SAE automation levels to the mass-market cars. Nobody should be surprised how the future of autonomous vehicles…