2019-10-29 - Echo Zhao

Micron Buys AI Startup; Claims Fastest SSD

The company introduced a zippy new SSD based on 3D XPoint technology. It also announced the purchase of neural network…

2019-10-24 - Gary Hilson

China: The Road to Becoming Memory Self-Sufficient

US tariffs and sanctions are fueling China's sense of urgency to ramp up domestic semiconductor production.

2019-09-26 - Alan Patterson

China to Become World’s Largest Buyer of Fab Tools

The market for chipmaking equipment is likely to recover next year on the strength of memory spending and new projects…

2019-09-25 - Kevin Krewell

No-Shows Blight AI Hardware Summit

A number of companies originally signed on to present or sponsor at AI Hardware Summit pulled out of the show.

2019-09-17 - Winbond Electronics

Winbond Electronics Launches a Series of Mobile Memory Products – LPDDR4X targeting at Niche Market

Winbond pays great attention to their customers’ needs and the development trend of new technologies and has successfully developed a…

2019-09-11 - Gary Hilson

Newcomer Hopes to Make Its Mark in Memory Industry

Fadu's SSD and controller with Toshiba NAND optimizes latency, power consumption.

2019-09-06 - Gary Hilson

The Hurdles Hindering MRAM Adoption

MRAM's manufacturing challenges are unique relative to other emerging memories.

2019-09-05 - Nitin Dahad

Taiwan’s Lite-On to Sell SSD Business

With declining sales, Taiwan-based Lite-On Technology is selling its solid-state storage business to Toshiba Memory for $165 million.

2019-08-30 - Gary Hilson

Tackling the CPU/Memory Bottleneck

Microchip is entering the memory infrastructure market with OMI-based serial memory controller.

2019-08-28 - Illumi Huang

Chinese OEMs Look to Risc-V to Replace Arm MCUs

The microcontrollers are direct replacements for Arm MCUs, aimed at Chinese OEMs who are being cut off from getting Arm…