2019-10-15 - congatec

Thermal stress and signal compliance

Embedded edge server designs with high-speed interfaces

2019-03-01 - Dylan McGrath

Samsung Announces First 512GB Embedded UFS

Samsung Electronics said it has begun mass production of the first 512GB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) device.

2019-01-29 - Doug Daniels

Transitioning to Next-Gen DDR5 DIMM Buffer Chipsets

There are a number of key changes to DDR that introduce new design challenges. However, savvy designers will use the…

2019-01-23 - DRAMeXchange

Server DRAM Contract Prices to Drop in 2019

Server DRAM contract prices to fall by over 20% QoQ in 1Q19, due to difficulties in reducing inventory, says TrendForce.

2019-01-03 - TrendForce

DRAM Market to See Lower CapEx in 2019

DRAM Market to See Lower Capital Expenditure and Moderated Bit Output in 2019 Due to Weak Demand, Says TrendForce...

2017-08-14 - Technavio

Taiwan’s Adata joins top memory card vendors

Adata Technology's product portfolio includes USB drives, dynamic RAM modules and memory cards. It also caters to express cards, solid-state…

2017-08-10 - Micron Technology

NVMe SSD read transfer speed reaches 5.5GB/s

The Micron 9200 is one of the first NVMe SSDs on the market with a capacity exceeding 10TB.

2017-07-25 - EE Times Asia

Electron pulses control nanomagnets for data storage

Skyrmions are comprised of a spin-correlated ensemble of electrons acting as a topological magnet on certain microscopic surfaces, and its…

2017-07-12 - Gary Hilson

Memory demand boosts Micron’s sales

Favourable pricings for DRAM and NAND have bolstered Micron's market performance.

2017-07-03 - Junko Yoshida

Tesla crash probe: What recovered data didn’t show

Analysts, who are most curious about what exactly Tesla’s recovered data revealed about the crash, are disappointed that the NTSB…