2016-11-22 - Rick Merritt

Virtual reality: A killer app in more ways than one

VR requires high refresh rates with new content every frame. It also needs to calculate data and respond to it…

2016-11-22 - Rick Merritt

Virtual reality road map leads through warmer weather

Virtual reality is just the first step in what may be a 30-year road map, according to an expert.

2016-11-17 - Rick Merritt

Veterans optimistic of chip scaling at SIA event

Industry veterans discussed at annual SIA dinner what a breakthrough lithography system will do for the chip industry in the…

2016-11-17 - Peter Clarke

Rohm president reveals global focus for company

In an exclusive interview, we catch up with Rohm Electronics president, Satoshi Sawamura, on the latest projects the company has…

2016-11-09 - Laurie Sullivan

Why robotics may soon require new links in the chain

Long term, autonomous robots could become highly disruptive to supply chains, particularly for electronics components supply chains.

2016-11-01 - James Nolan

IIoT: Standards needed for connectivity, security

Most early adopters believe little organisational change will be necessary to integrate IoT into their day-to-day operations. Are they right?

2016-10-24 - R. Colin Johnson

Extending Moore’s Law using oxygen layers in CMOS

The Mears Silicon Technology can be applied at any node—from legacy 180nm nodes to mainstream 28nm nodes to the most…

2016-10-06 - Rick Merritt

Google courts OEMs to embed smart assistant

Google is in talks with OEMs about embedding in their consumer electronics products the Assistant, a voice recognition and search…

2016-10-06 - Rick Merritt

Qualcomm emerges big winner at Google’s event

As many as five of Qualcomm's chips are inside the Pixel phones, the Snapdragon 821, two PMICs, an audio codec…

2016-10-06 - Stephan Ohr

Universal stylus standard gains traction

Developers believe the use of USI standard (1.0) will dramatically expand to use of stylus-dependent applications.