2019-12-19 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

Ultrasound: Any Surface Becomes a Button

Whatever the material, whatever the material thickness, the California-based startup UltraSense Systems claims it can turn any surface into a…

2019-10-07 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Startup Raises $19M to Take-On AIoT Market

Far-field voice interface company will add AI inference features to Xcore platform.

2019-09-24 - Judith Cheng

Taiwan Startup Hopes to Take on Google in Gesture Recognition

Google is on the verge of introducing gesture recognition with its Pixel 4 phones, but KaiKuTek of Taiwan has created…

2019-08-29 - Clover Lee

Do You Need a $140 Smart Water Bottle?

Smart water bottles are designed to entice children to drink more water, but they aren't all that smart, and the…

2019-07-31 - Nitin Dahad

Blog: Tech Titans Challenging IC Suppliers

Internet platform giants are all interested in custom silicon. Impatient, and with deep pockets, they're getting more prone to going…

2019-07-26 - Nitin Dahad

Taiwan, Not Just a Hardware Nation

Taiwan is not just trying to stimulate its AI startups, it's also plugging them into global accelerators and investors to…

2019-05-22 - Imec

A Smart Radar System for Gesture Recognition

Imec adds machine learning to its 140GHz radar technology to enable intuitive man-machine interactions

2019-05-09 - Rick Merritt

Key Takeaways from Google I/O

Google showed expanding use of on-device neural networks to make smartphones more useful and private at its annual developer conference

2019-04-11 - Matthew Burgess

Optical Fingerprint Scanners to Dominate Smartphone Market

The latest report by TrendForce anticipates the costs of FOD (Fingerprint on Display) technology to slide as big brands extend…

2019-04-03 - Rick Merritt

Intel Ties CPUs, FPGAs, and Memories into a Package Deal

Customers express concerns that some advances in new Xeon CPUs, Agilex FPGAs, and Optane DIMMs come at a cost of…