2017-08-24 - Bluetooth SIG

An Intro to Bluetooth Mesh Part 2

Bluetooth® technology is one of the world's best known brands and one of the most ubiquitous wireless communications technologies on…

2017-08-15 - Cadence

7nm-ready RAKs provide optimised RTL-to-GDS flow

To accelerate the adoption of ARM's latest processors, Cadence has delivered new 7nm-ready Rapid Adoption Kits for the Cortex-A75 and…

2017-08-09 - EE Times Asia

Cartesian manipulator wins Amazon Robotics Challenge

The third place went to Singapore's Nanyang Technological University, which has managed a first in the picking task and a…

2017-08-08 - TrendForce

China’s fab dream faces ‘enormous’ financial risk

The new fab projects will carry high depreciation costs, while the aggressive recruitment efforts by semiconductor manufacturers will raise the…

2017-08-07 - BSA

Survey: 1-in-10 Hong Kong companies face cyberattack

While some of the companies have performed backup more frequently after WannaCrypt, many are still resorting to more traditional ways…

2017-08-02 - EE Times Asia

Japan forms alliance to promote IoT in factories

The alliance seeks to contribute to the standardisation of technology to stabilise various wireless systems with coordination control and promote…

2017-07-27 - IC Insights

Semicon M&A flood slows to a trickle in 2017

A few major acquisitions are pending or rumoured to be in the works in July, but it is unlikely that…

2017-07-21 - Leti

European project matures 3 Si photonic platforms

Launched in 2012, the PLAT4M project seeks to seamlessly transition to pilot line operation and industrial manufacturing of products based…

2017-07-20 - Toshiba

Toshiba announces Bluetooth Mesh support

Support for the standard enables Toshiba Bluetooth Low Energy products to privately and securely traverse a mesh network rather than…

2017-07-18 - Dylan McGrath

250W source paves way for EUV production

Lithography vendor ASML claims to have achieved an important and long-elusive milestone: the demonstration of a 250-watt EUV source.