2018-09-27 - Rick Merritt

GlobalFoundries Progressing with FD-SOI AI Chips

New deep learning projects on enhanced existing processes after 7nm failure

2018-08-28 - Rick Merritt

GlobalFoundries Forfeit 7nm Manufacturing

Will stick to 14nm, citing high development costs and low customer demand on 7nm

2018-06-12 - Rick Merritt

GlobalFoundries Sacks 5% of Workforce

Fresh CEO Caulfield making his first moves

2018-05-24 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

3nm in Samsung Plans for 2021

Outlines future roadmap, starting with 7nm EUV during second half of 2017

2018-05-15 - Rick Merritt

GlobalFoundries CEO Seeks Financial Gains

Fab, ASIC partners on Tom Caulfield's wishlist

2018-04-27 - Rick Merritt

Over 30 28nm FD-SOI Tapeouts Expected in 2018

Samsung and GlobalFoundries ramp up efforts as FD-SOI becomes low-cost, low-power alternative to FinFETs

2018-03-30 - Gary Hilson

MRAM on the Rise

eVaderis and GlobalFoundries looking to make a splash in battery-powered IoT applications

2018-03-12 - Rick Merritt

GlobalFoundries Announces New CEO

Thomas Caulfield replaces Sanjay Jha after four years

2017-10-13 - Junko Yoshida, EE Times

Globalfoundries Speaks Car Talk

Globalfoundries' executive told EE Times that his company is picking "new customers in the automotive space," as carmakers and Tier…

2017-09-22 - Rick Merritt, EE Times

7 Views of Globalfoundries in 2017

Globalfoundries announced 12-nm FinFET and RF-SOI processes as part of an annual update on its road map.