2020-01-22 - Nitin Dahad

New Computing Architectures Needed to Achieve European Green Deal

Political direction toward making Europe the world’s first climate neutral continent by 2050 will require new ways of looking at…

2020-01-02 - David Benjamin

AI: Racist Without Preconception or Bigotry

Because AI is so passively absorptive of the data fed into it, it cannot help but reflect the biases —…

2019-12-31 - Barbara Jorgensen

Tech Companies Sued in Child Labor Lawsuit

A lawsuit brought forward by International Rights Advocates has accused the world’s largest tech companies of knowingly aiding and abetting…

2019-11-13 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

European Commissioner Says ‘No’ to Breaking Up Big Tech

European commissioner for competition Margrethe Vestager sees "no limits in how artificial intelligence can support what we want to do…

2019-11-04 - Brian Santo

Blog: The Growing Risk of the Fix-It-Later Culture

Some in the high tech industry mistake irresponsibility for "disruption." We can't let those people run the auto industry.

2019-10-31 - Nitin Dahad

Huawei Coup After UK Decisions on Arm and 5G

Armv8-A is UK IP, so OK for Huawei. Also, UK's PM is set to allow Huawei into 5G networks.

2019-09-12 - Sunny Wang

Blog: It’s the Current, Not Culture

One theme of the documentary "American Factory" is the miscommunication between Chinese and Americans. This review of the film from…

2019-09-05 - George Leopold

Succeeding at this “will change Americans’ views of the Chinese”

Unfettered capitalism meets Chinese state capitalism in a new documentary. The results of this culture clash in down-on-it's-luck Ohio are…

2019-08-15 - Casper Koomen

Blog: The Need for an Engineering ‘Hippocratic Oath’

To develop smart cities that serve people, planet and society, engineers might consider adopting a Hippocratic Oath for Engineering to…

2019-08-07 - David Benjamin

When Regulation Falters

Orthodoxy and dogmatism are all well and good until people start dying.