2019-06-26 - Rick Merritt

Patents and Standards Create Licensing Woes

Logjams have emerged for licensing standards-essential patents in codecs and cellular, but Wi-Fi may show the way

2019-04-08 - Peder Rand, Nordic Semiconductor

Worldwide Rollout of Cellular IoT

The global rollout of cellular IoT networks is gathering pace to support new NB-IoT and LTE-M solutions. We’ve rounded up…

2019-03-20 - ioeX

World’s First Blockchain TV with Decentralized Applications

Taiwanese startup ioeX announces partnership with QUUBE to develop the world’s first blockchain TV (QuuMoney TV) with decentralized applications.

2019-02-21 - Rick Merritt

Qualcomm Strives to Advance 5G Lead

New chips coming from Qualcomm and a startup rival show that there’s plenty of work yet to do to make…

2019-02-12 - Rick Merritt

Rift Between Apple and Qualcomm Widens

Apple wants engineers with cellular modem expertise in Qualcomm's backyard of San Diego as the two ramp up their battle…

2019-02-11 - Rick Merritt

Techno-Politics Fuel the 5G Race

Cybersecurity and trade tensions between the U.S. and China are becoming factors in how Ericsson and Nokia fare against larger…

2019-01-30 - Rick Merritt

Qualcomm Ruling Could Impact Industry Transition to 5G

The fate of Qualcomm’s patent licensing is in the hands of a U.S. District Court judge here. Her ruling also…

2019-01-18 - Rohde & Schwarz

High-end VNA Simplifies Measurement Configuration

R&S ZNA, a new generation of high-end vector network analyzers offering outstanding RF performance and a unique hardware concept that…

2019-01-17 - Rick Merritt

Qualcomm Defends Licensing in FTC Trial

The U.S. FTC questioned more than half a dozen patent-licensing incidents at Qualcomm as it closed its antitrust case. Co-founder…

2018-03-13 - Rick Merritt

400 Gbit/s Optic Comms Specs Debut

Consortium for On-Board Optics releases first specification for embedded mobules