2019-04-22 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Are GPU Limitations Slowing Innovation?

GPUs are widely used to accelerate AI computing, but are the limitations of GPU technology slowing down innovation in the…

2019-04-11 - Dylan McGrath

Qualcomm Throws Hat into the AI Inferencing Ring

Qualcomm is taking another stab at the server, throwing its hat into the market for AI inference processing for the…

2019-03-15 - Rick Merritt

Startup Preaches Chips-as-a-Service Model

High-end processors and accelerators need to be sold as a service, said the head of a startup who wants to…

2019-03-11 - Matthew Burgess

Modernization of Legacy Systems Through Edge Computing

Wind River Unveils Edge Platform to Accelerate the Evolution from Automated Devices to Autonomous Systems

2019-03-04 - Gary Hilson

IoT Devices Need to be Smarter

The evolution of edge computing means that internet of things (IoT) devices need more smarts to make decisions rather just…

2019-02-20 - Sufia Tippu

U.S.-China Trade War to Spark Manufacturing Spin-Off in India?

Global electronics contract manufacturers are planning substantial investment in India with a total of around $1 billion over the next…

2019-02-12 - Junko Yoshida

Overcoming the OTA Speed Bump

Despite the legacy complexity of today's disparate vehicle architecture, automakers are under the gun to connect their vehicles to the…

2018-04-20 - Junko Yoshida, Jonas Klar

Video: Loftech’s Big Data-Free B2B Social Platform

Taiwan's Loftech is rolling out social B2B tech in cooperation with telecom operators in Asia - we sit down with…

2018-03-01 - STMicroelectronics

STM32 Discovery Packs Simplify Cellular-to-Cloud Connections

STMicroelectronics offer free trials of partner services, demos packs at Embedded World 2018 in Nuremberg

2017-09-12 - Alan Patterson

TMSC, ARM, Xilinx, Cadence Partner on 7-nm Process

Xilinx, ARM, Cadence, and TSMC have announced a partnership to build a test chip in 7-nm FinFET process technology for…