2020-03-04 - Sally Ward-Foxton

AI Chip Unicorns Get More Funding

Unicorns Graphcore and SambaNova raise tens of millions for AI silicon and software.

2019-07-29 - Dylan McGrath

Time for a New Playbook

Applied Materials' CEO says the innovation required to drive the IC industry will rely on greater collaboration across the entire…

2019-07-29 - Alan Patterson

Blog: Stuck in the Starting Blocks

As the FANGs design more and more of their own custom chips for AI, they're getting ahead of traditional semiconductor…

2019-05-15 - Rick Merritt

Chip Performance may no Longer Scale

Semiconductor gate and pitch dimensions are slowing to a stop, but researchers see ways to drive advances down to the…

2019-04-29 - Dylan McGrath

Intel’s Share Price Sent Reeling

Q1 sales fall short of Wall Street's expectations; execs reiterate 10-nm late this year

2019-04-12 - Dylan McGrath

AI Inferencing Chip Targets Edge Applications

Flex Logix - best known as a supplier of embedded FPGAs and other IP - is marketing its first chip,…

2019-04-10 - Dylan McGrath

Chip Sales Continue to Slid February

All major categories of chips are experiencing both sequential and year-over-year declines

2019-04-03 - Dylan McGrath

China’s Share of Fabless Market Grows but U.S Dominant

Fabless chip vendors based in China have grown faster than in any other region of the world this decade, though…

2019-04-03 - Rick Merritt

Intel Ties CPUs, FPGAs, and Memories into a Package Deal

Customers express concerns that some advances in new Xeon CPUs, Agilex FPGAs, and Optane DIMMs come at a cost of…

2019-04-01 - Rick Merritt

Open Source Initiative Outlines Interfaces and Issues

A group of mainly small- and medium-sized vendors took its first steps toward building a standard for semiconductors assembled from…