2019-03-27 - Junko Yoshida

Mobileye & Nvidia Clash Over AV Safety Models

The latest rift between Intel/Mobileye and Nvidia surfaced last week when Nvidia rolled out its own safety model called Safety…

2019-03-11 - Matthew Burgess

Modernization of Legacy Systems Through Edge Computing

Wind River Unveils Edge Platform to Accelerate the Evolution from Automated Devices to Autonomous Systems

2019-02-28 - Matthew Burgess

Taiwan’s First AV Testing Facility

Taiwan's first closed off autonomous vehicle testing facility, was officially launched in Tainan this week by Taiwan’s President Tsai.

2019-02-25 - Junko Yoshida

AV: Can You Trust Your Co-Pilot?

IVEX has the lofty goal of developing software technology that “guarantees and validates” safety-critical decisions made by AVs.

2019-02-22 - Junko Yoshida

AV: Through the Eyes of Ground Penetrating Radar

New localisation tools allow AV startup to create self-driving that can safely navigate in adverse weather & road conditions.

2019-02-20 - Junko Yoshida

AV: Vehicle Software Updates

"Software update is a capability every car maker will need for future-proofing their vehicles so that cars can add new…

2019-02-19 - Junko Yoshida

Limitations of AI

AI is great at pretending as though it understands what someone just asked, while being functionally illiterate.

2019-01-18 - Colin Barnden

The Dilemma of Robocar Testing…

Why is it acceptable for the AV industry to conduct tests on non-consenting "human guinea pigs" to supposedly save 40,000…

2019-01-16 - David Benjamin

CES 2019: Craziest Show Ever

At the Consumer Electronics Show, I know that I should be dazzled, disarmed, and starry-eyed about my seamless, end-to-end, infinitely…

2019-01-14 - Junko Yoshida

When a Robocar Brings You Pizza…

The automotive industry’s pivot is clear: Self-driving vehicles are first for delivery of goods and next for people delivery by…