Secure module for SoCs adds crypto acceleration

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The DesignWare tRoot H5 HSM provides SoCs with a unique identity that cannot be tampered with, according to Synopsys.

Synopsys has introduced its DesignWare tRoot H5 hardware secure module (HSM) with Root of Trust, which offers designers with a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) that protects sensitive information and data processing within their SoCs.

The tRoot H5 HSM incorporates hardware cryptography acceleration to enable up to 100 times faster operation of security functions such as secure boot, secure updates and secure debug compared to software-only solutions, according to the company. The complete, standalone product provides a secure hardware enclave with firmware components and tools, allowing designers to quickly integrate a security solution without requiring expertise to write security software. With the DesignWare tRoot H5 HSM, designers can easily create, store and manage secrets that are critical in industrial control, cellular communications and IoT hubs.

Synopsys DesignWare lead (cr)
*Figure 1: Block diagram of the tRoot H5 hardware secure module. (Source: Synopsys.)*

The DesignWare tRoot H5 HSM provides SoCs with a unique identity that cannot be tampered with, and extends the trust of that identity to other internal and external entities in the SoC. The tRoot H5 HSM provides security functions in a trusted environment as a companion to a host processor.
In addition, the controllers reduce system complexity and cost by allowing tRoot's firmware to reside in any non-secure memory space. The tRoot H5 HSM's ROM-less architecture can support system design changes at any time without risk of exposing the system memory to threats, Synopsys said.

The DesignWare tRoot H5 Hardware Secure Module, part of Synopsys' portfolio of Root of Trust solutions, is available now.

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