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Article By : W. Victor Gao

The way you access information is evolving, and we are always innovating so we can serve you where you need us to be throughout the design and production cycle.

History shows us that human technology has never developed linearly. Advancements in the last 100 years have far surpassed the previous millennia, as have humankind’s life expectancy. Around the world today, ordinary people are living the quality of lives accessible only to monarchs and nobility a few generations ago.

As we speak, technology seeks to connect everything that can be connected and all that entails. Ascendant disciplines such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and the internet of things not only beckon the most brilliant minds in engineering and manufacturing, but fuel expectation of renewed economic growth and challenge us to affirm and defend human dignity even as machines advance.

AspenCore, publisher of record of what you are reading now, was founded three years ago. Through organic growth and acquisition of world-renowned assets such as EETimes, EDN, Electronic Products and ICC Media, we are now one of the leading global media companies dedicated to serving engineers and manufacturing professionals. We have an extensive network of correspondents in more than 30 major R&D and economic hubs in the world, from Silicon Valley to Shenzhen, Munich to Tel Aviv, Boston to Bangalore. Our international correspondents at large go out of their way to connect the dots beyond national borders. We are thankful and proud of our contributors, who are respected and widely followed in their fields by companies, public institutions and professional associations alike. All this is to bring you the latest time-saving solutions, tools, and techniques directly from the source in real-time.

Aspen is a tall, straight tree commonly found in North America. It is strong and carbon-rich. Throughout North American history it has been popular raw material for both fire-making and artistic creation. At AspenCore, we have believed since our founding that the most important relationship at a media company is that between two engineers: the one writing and another reading. As the engineer of today is assaulted daily by unverified information and listicle headlines, we see a global- and forward-minded audience of engineers who are hungry for serious, carefully vetted, and independent analysis. That is why since our founding, we have insisted on a transparent model, including our ownership by Arrow Electronics, even when our coverage does not cast our owners in favourable light. Nor have we shied from praising the good work by our owners’ competitors. We hold sacred this impregnable firewall between business and editorial, between press releases and news. Our global network of correspondents and contributors have held steadfast to this conviction, as we have provided you with original insight in the simplest language possible, with a reverence for brevity and facts.

Lastly, we know the way you access information is evolving, and we are always innovating so we can serve you where you need us to be throughout the design and production cycle. Whether it’s webinars, cloud-based tools, or social media, we are constantly striving to get the information you need to you, the way you need it, when you need it, where you need it.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me directly: I look forward to hearing from you.

W. Victor Gao
Publisher and Managing Director, AspenCore
London, United Kingdom

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