JV eyes centimetre-level GNSS precision

Article By : EE Times Asia

Mitsubishi, Bosch, Geo++ and u-blox JV, Sapcorda Services, has promised globally available GNSS services via internet and satellite, with real-time correction data in a public, open format.

Japanese giant Mitsubishi Electric has formed a joint venture with Bosch, Geo++ and u-blox to bring high precision GNSS positioning services to mass market applications.

The Sapcorda Services joint venture will offer globally available GNSS positioning services via internet and satellite broadcast and will enable accurate GNSS positioning at centimetre level. According to the company, the services are designed to serve high volume automotive, industrial and consumer markets, with real-time correction data service delivered in a public, open format not bound to receiver hardware or systems.

Existing solutions for GNSS positioning do not meet the needs of emerging high precision GNSS mass markets, according to the companies.

Masamitsu Okamura, executive officer in charge of electronic systems at Mitsubishi Electric, said they seek to let the market access real-time correction data services that are interoperable with the Japanese government's Centimetre-Level Augmentation Service (CLAS) via the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System.

"We believe that this venture will accelerate adoption of automated driving and safe driving support," Okamura said.

For Bosch, the goal is to create a GNSS positioning service that fully supports the requirements for positioning sensors in the automotive sector and bring automated driving to reality.

"Only with built-in safety and the highest levels of precision will we be able to make automated driving reality,” said Jumana Al-Sibai, member of the executive management of the Chassis Systems Control division of Bosch.

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