Dual sensor 3D AOI boosts accuracy, reliability

Article By : CyberOptics

The SQ3000 platform offers users the flexibility to choose a dual MRS sensor option for 3D microscopic image quality at production speed.

CyberOptics Corp. has launched the SQ3000-DD 3D automated optical inspection (AOI) system that includes two multi-reflection suppression (MRS) sensors.

The dual lane, dual sensor system is an extension of CyberOptics' SQ3000 3D AOI platform. The device maximises flexibility catering to varying PCB widths, CyberOptics said. This design provides the ability to inspect high volume assemblies, the convenience of inspecting different assemblies and board sizes simultaneously on different lanes, or even switching from dual lane to single lane mode to inspect very large boards.

The SQ3000-DD also provides the flexibility to choose two of the same or two different proprietary MRS sensors, both of which meticulously identify and reject multiple reflections caused by shiny components and reflective solder joints. The AOI system has a new ultra-high resolution MRS sensor option that improves resolution, delivering inspection performance suited for 0201 metric and microelectronics applications where greater accuracy and inspection realiability are critical, CyberOptics noted. The unique architecture of both MRS sensor options simultaneously captures and transmits multiple images in parallel, while sophisticated 3D fusing algorithms merge the images together, delivering microscopic image quality at production speed.

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