2017-06-13 - Stefan Preimel

Going smaller, smarter in powering flyback designs

HV MOSFETs play a fundamental role in flyback topology, which means that finding the right MOSFET is critical to meeting…

2016-12-29 - Rick Merritt

2016 paves the way for future breakthroughs

With various issues still on the line, hopes raised in 2016 will carry over into the next year.

- Rick Merritt

What made 2016 so vibrant for the computer industry?

The computer industry has shown great promise with new processors, memories, 5G wireless communication and VR technology.

2016-06-24 - Ron Neale

What makes ReRAM/RRAM similar to lightning

Let us consider the possibility that the filaments-in-waiting have another role to control and keep a constant current density in…

- Jeff Smoot

Reliability and MTBF: What do they really mean?

Terms such as reliability and mean time between failure are discussed with casual disregard to what is really meant. So…

2016-06-21 - Jon Munson

Achieve robust data comms within high voltage BMS

Read about a way touted to boost the reliability and structural optimisation of battery management systems through flexible networking of…

2016-06-20 - Klaus Wammes

Three tips for qualitative optical bonding

There is no cure-all, but checking fundamentally valid approaches to produce high-quality optical bonding is crucial.