2018-04-17 - Nitin Dahad, EE Times

AI and Ethics

As the hype train abandons IoT and sets its sights on AI, Nitin Dahad ponders whether we have cause for…

2018-03-12 - Junko Yoshida, EE Times

ST Capitalizes on Galaxy S9

Teardown of Samsung's latest flagship reveals plenty of ST sensors

2018-03-08 - Junko Yoshida, EE Times

IoT: Amazon or Google?

Smart home ecosystem battle rages on fragmented market

2018-01-09 - R. Colin Johnson, EE Times

Bosch Aims to Widen MEMS Lead at CES

Bosch Sensortec heads to CES with an extended portfolio of microelectromechanical system (MEMS) sensors to target ultra-high-precision drones and ultra-low-power…

2017-11-17 - Sigmund Zaruba, Infineon Technologies

Ready to Go – Sensor Design Made Easy

Magnetic sensors collect parameters such as speed, position, angle, or current. While developer kits have been available for designing products…