2020-03-02 - Junko Yoshida

Questions for the Mobile Industry

The MWC's cancellation doesn’t mean the mobile industry has stopped working. Nor does it mean that the curiosity of the…

2020-02-13 - Brian Santo

MWC 2020 Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Concerns

GSMA is not even going to try to postpone. The organization is already looking ahead to Mobile World Congress 2021.

2019-03-05 - David Benjamin

Mobile World Congress: Barcelona

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is a gathering of shut-ins who see little of this beautiful city. The indoor…

2019-02-27 - David Benjamin

MWC 2019: 5G, Foldables & Connected Cars

Huawei hit Mobile World with a bang -- and a foldable phone -- drawing heavy traffic. 5G and connected vehicles…

2017-03-06 - Kurt Shuler

Auto SoC reference platform accelerates design time

DCT’s SoC has been tapped by European THINGS2DO project to help create a camera-based ADAS reference platform using its data…

2017-03-02 - Harman

Vibration analytics-based system predicts IIoT faults

The Harman Quick Predict is an end-to-end warning solution for industrial Internet of Things based on vibration analytical algorithm.

- Analogix

Reference design enables 4K video for smart devices

The ANX7625 is an ultra-low power, single-chip bridge from the MIPI and USB 3.1 interfaces of the application processor to…

2017-03-01 - David Benjamin

Complications plague still ‘infant’ IIoT

The key to advancing industrial IoT is for more machines, more companies and more people to interconnect, interoperate and share…

2017-02-28 - R. Colin Johnson

Laser-based MEMS scanner enables 3D projection

The BML050 combines two MEMS scanning mirrors that collect the reflected light to determine where a user’s finger is touching…