2016-10-20 - Xilinx

Baidu takes FPGA approach to boost machine learning apps

Xilinx FPGAs deliver a 10-20X performance/watt improvement.

2016-10-17 - Peter Clarke

Achronix ventures into FPGA fabric licensing

The company's Speedcore is designed in a modular fashion to support compilation and porting of the technology to different manufacturing…

2016-09-01 - Peter Clarke

Start-up builds FPGA cores on TSMC’s 40ULP process

Flex Logix is offering logic and DSP variants of its fabric on TSMC 40ULP that are specified for operation at…

2010-09-22 -

Multi-channel demodulator cores support FPGAs

RF Engines Ltd. (RFEL) has announced that it is designing multi-channel demodulator core solutions for FPGAs. Some RFEL customers using…