2019-09-20 - Kayla Matthews

HD Maps: Getting From A to B

Sensors encompass a significant part of the technology that navigates an autonomous vehicle. Beyond them, HD maps will be substantial,…

2019-09-09 - Junko Yoshida

Labeled or Unlabeled Data, Does it Make a Difference?

Assume that AV companies have already collected petabytes, or even exabytes of data on real roads. How much of that…

2019-08-09 - Junko Yoshida

Finding the Formula Behind Driving Cautiously

Teaching a car to anticipate a pedestrian suddenly stepping onto the roadway remains the hardest thing to do.

2019-08-01 - Junko Yoshida

Bumpy Road Ahead for AV

AV tech companies are approaching safety in virtually the least safe way possible. We identified 5 things still missing in…

2019-06-28 - Colin Barnden

It’s Better if you Forget about L3-L5 Autonomy

Let's apply the SAE automation levels to the mass-market cars. Nobody should be surprised how the future of autonomous vehicles…

2019-06-27 - Junko Yoshida

What if a Waymo Robotaxi Causes a Fatality?

"Autonomous" taxis still have human backups watching out. Some AV company just bought watch-the-watcher technology. Was it Waymo?

2019-06-25 - Junko Yoshida

Is Your AV Safe? Prove It

Credible claims of safety require proof. It won't cut it for companies such as Waymo, Uber or GM to simply…

2019-06-21 - Junko Yoshida

Bringing Robocar Fans Back Down to Earth

The industry has reassessed the state of AV technology after several self-driving accidents and a shocking fatality

2019-06-18 - Junko Yoshida

HD Mapping & Data Ownership

HD mapping isn't a convenience; it can be critical for AVs, car OEMs and high-tech companies. There's a high-stakes game…

2019-04-26 - Junko Yoshida

Understanding Tesla’s Deceptive Announcements

Here's what Tesla announced, what the company did not say, and which claims left some industry observers skeptical