2021-07-14 - test

[in-focus test] EVs Shift to the Express Lane

Electric vehicles are going mainstream as battery and power management technologies mature and EV charging infrastructure expands. Those advances include…

2020-04-02 - Yole Développement

Sensors: Heart of the Robotic Mobility Disruption

In 2019 production of robotic vehicles was in the range of a few thousand worldwide.Yole expects production volumes to reach…

2020-02-07 - Colin Barnden

AV: Just Another Vanity Project?

The standard response from the AV tech industry to the question of “Why self-driving?” is to save lives. Really?

2020-01-03 - Junko Yoshida

Who’s at Fault When AVs Attack?

Accidents will happen, but agreed-upon standards could go a long way toward building regulator and consumer confidence in robocars.

2019-12-30 - Junko Yoshida

AV Safety Standards Set to Arrive in 2020

New initiatives are opening the lid on the black box of autonomous-driving AI. Who’s doing what, and why?

2019-11-14 - Lou Covey

Complacency Is Hindering AV Deployment

We have a long way to go before we see autonomous vehicles on the roads in any number.

2019-10-22 - Junko Yoshida

Blog: Is Smart Summon Just Another Gimmick?

Are autonomy features like Autopilot and Smart Summon "wolves in sheep's clothing"? Tesla is pushing Level 4 autonomy into the…

2019-10-18 - Matthew Burgess

Government support inspires the autonomous vehicle industry in Taiwan

With the goal of creating a new economic structure, Taiwan hope to harness the power of innovation and create their…

2019-10-17 - Junko Yoshida

Consortium to Set APIs for AV Hardware

Bosch, Continental, Denso, GM, Nvidia, NXP, and Toyota declared their support for the new consortium.

2019-10-16 - Junko Yoshida

Blog: Is Your Robot-Car Old Enough to Drive?

Humans drivers are expected to be mature enough to anticipate what might happen on the road next. What expectations should…