2016-11-21 - Analog Devices

Laser beam steering targets scanning LIDAR systems

Scanning LIDAR systems can be used to detect objects on or near the roadway and fill the blind spots known…

2016-11-11 - Nick Flaherty

Preh taps Qualcomm for wireless EV charging

Preh will use Qualcomm's Halo technology to develop new products, focusing on commercialising wireless charging for PHEV and EV manufacturers.

2016-11-08 - NXP Semiconductors

NXP radar MCU enables tighter truck platooning

The S32R27 offers accuracy and safety for applications such as collision avoidance, lane change assist and radar cocooning with 360°…

2016-11-01 - Vivek Nanda

40V MOSFETs improve switching, noise performance

STripFET technology combines improved switching performance and energy efficiency with low noise and high EMI immunity.

2016-10-21 - Nanyang Technological University

Singapore all aboard to test self-driving buses

The goal is to outfit existing buses with intelligent sensors and develop a self-driving system that can navigate road traffic…

2016-09-22 - Linear Technology

Automotive controller targets dual battery systems

The LTC3871 provides bidirectional DC/DC control and battery charging between the 12V and 48V boardnets.

2016-09-19 - Junko Yoshida

China crash puts Tesla under fresh scrutiny

If reports are true, China’s crash fatality in January presents a problem for Tesla.

2016-07-11 - Linear Technology

Step-up DC-DC converter operates from up to 25V range

It utilises a fixed 2MHz switching frequency, enabling designers to minimise external component sizes and avoid critical frequency bands.

2016-07-05 - Junko Yoshida

Three-way deal pushes for self-driving car industry standard

BMW, Intel and Mobileye hope to establish a big lead in the nascent self-driving car segment, but whether the deal…

2016-07-04 - Jessica Lipsky

‘Golden era for electric vehicles’ propels power electronics market

Vehicle hybridisation will drive the power electronics market for the foreseeable future, in what French firm Yole Developpment forecasts as…