2020-03-11 - George Leopold

Inquiry Finds Fault With Boeing

A House probe of two Boeing 737 Max crashes concludes the aircraft manufacturer and regulators compromised safety.

2020-03-03 - George Leopold

Robotic Maintenance in Space

Northrop Grumman has demonstrated the ability to dock with, refuel and reposition commercial satellites, extending their operations and eventually providing…

2019-12-25 - George Leopold

Another Failure for Boeing

On its maiden flight, Starliner spacecraft fails to reach the International Space Station.

2019-12-23 - George Leopold

Top 5 Space Documentaries to Binge This Christmas

After identifying the five best space-based movies, here are the best space documentaries for your viewing pleasure.

2019-11-26 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

Telecommunications Systems for Space Environments

The growing interest in Test & Measurements and Space solutions for special applications such as Lidar and radio-astronomy has increased…

2019-11-19 - Imec

NASA Awards Imec a Grant to Advance Space Health Diagnostics

miDiagnostics’ disposable blood testing device to be evaluated by imec for use in zero gravity environments

2019-07-18 - George Leopold

Apollo 11: Astronaut Mike Collins

A paean to the astronaut and Renaissance Man who drove the bus during the flight of Apollo 11.

2019-07-15 - George Leopold

Apollo 11, In Real-Time

A website released to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing details our greatest technical achievement.

2019-07-02 - George Leopold

Blog: U.S. Aviation Hero Slams MCAS

The aviation hero endorses the notion that software has come between pilot and machine.

2019-05-09 - George Leopold

The Startup 3D Printing Rockets

A rocket manufacturer pioneering 3D printing technology is scheduled to loft its first payload into orbit as early as 2021…